The following Privacy Policy defines rules for storing and accessing information on User devices via Cookie files, which are used by Europrofil LLC, 11 Zielona, 11-015 Olsztynek, to provide digital services to the user.

Internet browsers can store Cookie files on the user’s hard drive. “Cookie” files include information, which is necessary for the correct functioning of the website, especially for authorization of Users upon logging into the administration or website panels made available to them. According to the law, the content of the Cookie files processed by the Administrator cannot be used to directly identify users, therefore, Cookie files do not store or process personal details.

We can guarantee that the collected data won’t be shared with anyone. Users should also take care of their safety by applying appropriate settings for Cookie files in their browsers.

I. Definitions

  1. Administrator – Europrofil LLC, 11 Zielona, 11-015 Olsztynek, which provides digital services, stores and accesses information on devices of Users.
  2. Cookies – IT files, especially text files, saved and stored on devices used by Users to browse the Website.
  3. Cookie files of the Administrator – means Cookie files of the Administrator, which are related to the provision of digitals services by the Administrator on its website.
  4. External Cookie Files – means Cookie files on the website belonging to the Administrator’s partners.
  5. Website – means the following website, which is used by the Administrator to run its website.
  6. Device – means any device used by the User to access the Website.
  7. User – means a natural person, who is visiting the Website and using its functionalities.

II. Types of Cookie files

  1. Cookie files used by the Administrator are safe for the Users’ devices. This way of using cookie files eliminates any possibilities of transferring viruses or other unwanted software or malware to the User’s device. Such files allow for the User’s software to be identified and the website to be individually adjusted to every User.
  2. Cookie files usually contain the name of the domain from which they originate, storage time on Devices and the assigned values.
  3. The Administrator uses the following Cookie files:
  1. Session Cookies: they are stored on the User’s Device until the current session ends. After that, the saved data is permanently deleted from the memory of the Device. The mechanism of session Cookie prevents any personal data or confidential information to be downloaded from the User’s Device.
  2. Persistent Cookies: they are stored on the User’s device until they are deleted. Ending the current session or turning the Device off doesn’t result in their deletion from the User’s Device. The mechanism of Persistent Cookies prevents any personal data or confidential information to be downloaded from the User’s Device.
  3. Tracking Cookies: are used to track users (individuals logging into the shared panels, e.g. website administrators) and provide information, which identifies a specific user.

III. Purposes of using Cookies

1. The Website uses Own Cookies to:

  1. Configure the server:
    • optimize Website use.

    • identify the Website User and display of the website adjusted to their own needs;

    • save settings selected by the Website User, e.g. language settings.

    • save the history of visited sites of the Website.

  2. Hold the session of the user, who logs into the shared website panels:
    • authorize the user, who logs into the shared website panels,

    • maintain the session of the Website User,

    • correct configuration of the selected functionalities of the Website, in particular to verify the authentication of the session.

    • optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator.

  3. Execute processes required to ensure complete functionality of the Website
    • adjust the Website content to preferences of the User and optimize the use of the Website. In particular, those files allow for basic parameters of the User Device to be recognized and display the Website properly by adjusting it to the User’s individual requirements;

  4. Ensure security and reliability of the Website.

2. The Website uses Third-Party Cookies to:

  1. display on the Website multimedia content downloaded from an external website::
    • [administrator of cookies: Google Inc with headquarters in Ireland]
  2. analyse and research viewing ratings and collect anonymous statistical data with analytical tools:
    • Google Analytics [administrator of cookies: Google Inc with headquarters in Ireland]
  3. use interactive functions to increase the popularity of the Website via social media:
    • [administrator cookies: Facebook Inc with headquarters in the USA or Facebook Ireland with headquarters in Ireland]

It is possible to configure your browser in such a way, which will completely disable storage of Cookie files on your hard drive. Remember that in consequence you may be unable to use some features of the website.

IV. Condition of storing and granting access to Cookies:

  1. The User can change settings of Cookie files on its own and at any time by defining the conditions of storing and allowing them access to the User’s Device. Change of Settings mentioned in the previous sentence can be done by changing web browser settings or configuring the service. In particular, the settings can be changed in such a way to block the automatic handing of Cookie files or to inform of every operation involving their storage of the User’s Device. Detailed information about ways and options of handling Cookie files is available in the settings menu of your software (internet browser).
  2. The User can delete Cookies at any time with the currently used browser.
  3. Limiting the use of Cookies can affect the use of some functionalities of the Website.
  4. In order to manage settings of your Cookie files choose your browser from the list below and follow the instructions:
    1. Internet Explorer

    2. Chrome

    3. Safari

    4. Firefox

    5. Opera

    6. Android

    7. Safari (iOS)

    8. Windows Phone

    9. Blackberry

V. Additional information on processing personal details of users:

  1. Only personal data of users, who log into the shared website panels, are stored as cookie files. In such cases, the processing of personal details is in line with the legally justified interest of the Administrator, which is to maintain the Website User’s session, ensure correct configuration of the selected functions of the Website, in particular to authenticate the current session, increase and optimize the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator and to ensure safety of the session.
  2. Cookie files used by the Website expire after the current browsing session ends.
  3. Executing rights related to the processing of personal details, such as granting access and deleting personal details, due to the use of cookie files by the Administrator, is in principle available in the browser settings as it was described in chapter IV of this Privacy Policy.
  4. The User can execute any of its rights related to the processing of its personal details, i.e. accessing, correcting or deleting personal details, restricting their processing or objecting to the processing, by sending a letter or e-mail to the following address
  5. If you’re using the contact form, you can find additional information on the processing of personal details on the following website:

VI. Website Ethics

Moreover we pay close attention to the content on our website to prevent it from displaying any information, which is against domestic and international laws. We do not tolerate any form of hate speech (racial, ethnical, religious, worldview-related etc.) as well as pornography, unethical or offensive content.