Plastic waste is a global problem. In Europe, less than ⅓ plastic waste is recycled. In Poland alone, only approx. 20% of plastic is recycled. Plastic waste constitutes a serious threat to our planet and our health. Why is that? First, because its decomposition takes over 100 years. It is even more dangerous to burn plastic that has not been recycled. The harmful compounds released as part of the combustion process are released directly into the atmosphere. On the other hand, when no measures are taken to reuse plastics and they are just landfilled, they slowly decompose and consequently contaminate water and soil. We will not just observe this process while sitting on our hands.

PVC recycling

Recycling, or giving waste another life, is extremely important for the protection of the environment. Some of the benefits of recycling include:

  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
  • reduced landfilling of waste,
  • reduced energy consumption needed in the manufacturing process,
  • reduced water consumption.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, has one of the largest shares in the total use of plastics in the market. This material is commonly used in the construction industry. Waste windows or pipes are perfectly recyclable. They can be recycled using one of the two following methods:

  • feedstock recycling based on the processing of waste plastic into raw materials from which they were made,
  • mechanical recycling involving grinding waste plastic into granules that can be reused.

In the recycling process, the material does not lose its quality features. That is why the resultant raw material is perfectly suitable for reuse by manufacturers of pipes and cavity closers.


We are a company operating in the Green Lungs of Poland. That is one more reason why we care about our planet. What are we doing for the Earth? Europrofil responds to the needs of companies that want to recycle waste PVC for the benefit of the environment. We collect post-production waste to recover PVC in the form of regrind or regranulate. Thanks to our actions:

We recovered nearly 9,561 tons of PVC plastic
We have contributed to the production of nearly 5 million eco-products
We planted 457 fruit trees