About Us

Europrofil is a plastics manufacturing company which cares for the environment. Every year, we recycle millions of tonnes of secondary raw materials. Thanks to the recycling of waste PVC, we obtain new materials and products with benefit for the environment. Since 2003 we have won the trust of hundreds of customers all over Poland. We are a 100% Polish-owned company. And we promote the development of domestic economy.




Leader in the collection of post-production offcuts

In northern Poland, we are a leader in the collection of pure PVC post-production offcuts. We collect plastic waste from businesses. We issue certificates of waste recovery under a license and required permits.

We then recycle these offcuts and we sell the PVC as regranulate or regrind. Our customers are producers of sheet piles, windowsills and window profiles.

Sewer pipes and PVC window cavity closers

We are the region’s largest manufacturer of PVC sewer pipes. We hold the Technical Approval for the production of thin-walled foul water drainage PVC pipes. Europrofil is one of the two companies in Poland that can boast holding such authorisations.

We also manufacture handling and mounting cavity closers. They fit all window profile systems in Poland: Aluplast, Brügmann, Decco, Gealan, Rehau, Schüco, Trocal and Veka. The use of plastic profiles is extremely important when installing windows. It determines the degree of thermal and sound insulation of flats and houses alike.

We promote responsible development

We keep developing to provide you with the highest quality pipes, profiles, regranulates and environmentally friendly regrinds. In 2016, we expanded our plant by adding 7 new manufacturing lines. We have a fleet of delivery vehicles. It already consists of 17 vehicles. 2020 turned out to be particularly challenging. The experience gained in working with PVC has opened us to new projects and technologies. Four more manufacturing lines were added to our plant:

  • lines for manufacturing top-quality polypropylene nonwovens used to produce medical masks and protective half face masks,
  • lines for manufacturing BFE ≥ 95 and BFE ≥ 98 medical masks,
  • lines for manufacturing  FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 protective half face masks,
  • lines for manufacturing non-medical masks with Covid certificate issued by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute.

As a result, we started manufacturing protective half face masks and medical masks, which allows us to meet the constantly growing market demand. Our masks are made entirely of Polish materials.

The use of the purest raw materials (PVC, PP) ensures that the products we offer are safe for the health and life of their users. The product is guaranteed to be of top quality, confirmed by certificates, quality certificates and declarations of conformity.


Reliability and business integrity

Our business is guided by integrity and professionalism. Customer satisfaction always comes first for us. We achieve it primarily by meeting the expectations of our contractors.

  • We provide top quality products.
  • We make sure that the goods ordered are delivered on time.
  • We focus on local patriotism.

In other words, we are a reliable business partner.

Sustainable development and social responsibility

Commitment to environmental protection is a key element of our strategy. The range of PVC applications keeps growing. Thus, the demand for this material keeps increasing. Its annual production output is as much as 40 million tonnes. Consequently, the issue of PVC waste disposal has become apparent. In natural conditions, this material does not decompose. Also, burning PVC offcuts and scraps is not a desirable solution as it pollutes the air. So how do we solve this problem? We decided to focus on mechanical recycling.

  • We recover secondary raw materials.
  • We reuse them for production.
  • We are thus reducing the demand for virgin PVC.
  • We reduce the amount of landfilled and incinerated waste.
Commitment and cooperation

Our team includes specialists of various qualifications and skills. What we have in common is mutual respect and effective cooperation. We enjoy what we do and are committed to our mission and values. Every day we make every effort to ensure that you receive top quality products. Thanks to this, we can be proud of our work and the fruit it bears. That is why we celebrate our success by planting fruit trees. And we have already planted a large orchard.

Certificates and awards

Our dynamic and sustainable development has already been recognised in the Polish market. Europrofil can boast the following awards and certificates:

– Business Gazelle 2015. We became a laureate in the ranking list of “The most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises”.

– Trustworthy Company. The certificate proves the favourable feedback of our customers.

– Factory Production Control. Certificate issued by iQuell consulting company. It guarantees the compliance of our products with the most stringent European standards.