Meltblown polypropylene nonwoven

We manufacture high-quality meltblown polypropylene* nonwoven with a special melt flow index (MFI).

During the production process, the meltblown filter element is subjected to multiple electrostatic charging. The use of this technology means that pathogens do not adhere to the surface of the fabric. We are the first company in Poland to introduce an innovative meltblown nonwoven manufacturing line with a water electret system. Thanks to the appropriate electret saturation, the nonwoven fabric gains the highest level of PFE ≥ 99%. Our meltblown nonwoven products can easily compete with top quality products available in European and global markets.

Our nonwoven fabric meets the strictest filtration requirements (in accordance with PN-EN 14683 and PN-EN 149:2001+A1:2009). Our in-house laboratory with specialised Lorenz equipment tests manufactured products for conformity with applicable standards.

The use of meltblown nonwoven:

Thanks to its unique filtration qualities, meltblown polypropylene nonwoven is used in the production of medical masks and protective half masks of the FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 classes.

Nonwoven fabric constitutes “the heart of the mask”, and the standards it meets determine the high quality of products made of it.

Masks made of this type of fabric guarantee unrestricted breathing, in addition to effective protection.

*Polypropylene – raw material used to make nonwoven fabric, safe for human health, with the process of its production minimising production waste and generating reduced greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to which the raw material is more environmentally friendly.